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Frozen In!

My buddy Ivan just called me from the lake.

I had had a tree stuck under the dock that needed to be cleared. It had floated downstream along with a bunch of debris after a heavy rain. I was going to drive down but he went over to check it out first.

He said there wasn’t a tree or stick to be found under the dock so I guess I don’t have to drive down there tonight. He DID say that the dock was FROZEN IN!!!

I can’t believe it. It’s got to be what? 3-400′ maybe 500′ across at this point? And he said it has ice from one bank to the other!

Since I bought the lot in 2003 I’ve never seen a hint of ice there… let along a FROZEN LAKE. LOL.

When he told me I first thought “well it must be broken up in the middle” but he said NO. No boat traffic has been through. It’s just a frozen across lake.

Here are some pics:


View Of Dock & Across The Lake - Ice All The Way Across


More Ice - Lots Of Debris On Shoreline


Crack Formed By Jumping On the Corner Of The Dock


Looking Up-Lake Toward The Marina


Looking Down Lake Toward Maters House


No Boats Going By HERE


Debris Covered Shoreline & Dock Two Lots Up-Lake


Another View Down-Lake


Ivan Tossed This 25lb Boulder Off The Walkway. Bounce.

Beats me how it froze.

I CAN say that in winter it’s pretty much shade there all the time. The sun doesn’t get up high enough above the trees on the West side (other side of lake from dock).

It’s pretty amazing. We’ve been going down there since 2003 and have never seen it do that. I guess it’s the cold for so long…

The depth should have kept it FROM freezing. It’s about 70′ in the center. It’s pretty deep there for being so narrow. That one big boulder Ivan said he tossed it from up on the walkway and it just bounced. LOL.

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