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My First Christmas – 1960

Well, no… not really.  I was born at the end of June in 1959 so my REAL First Christmas was in 1959.  But geeze I was only six months old.  I doubt I had much fun.  Christmas 1960 – on the other hand – apparently rocked!

 Check out this awesome rocking chair I got.  And what about those stylin’ PJs?

 Uh.. mom?  No socks?  I’m sure we had moved from Miami Beach back to Philly by now.  In fact I know we had.  Babe was born in November 1960 so she’s around here somewhere… only a month old.  Boy I bet she doesn’t know WHAT is going on.

I was probably sick as a dog the week after this picture was taken. LOL.

On the other hand check me out with this new Jack-In-The-Box.

Growing up, everytime I saw this picture it I thought my mom’s finger was inside a hole in the side of the Jack-In-The-Box.  Funny how you think stupid stuff like that.

Oh well.

Merry “First” Christmas Billy!

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  1. Mom says:

    That year was a very special Christmas for us too, Bill. I was eight months pregnant with your sister when Dad fell from a roof and broke his back. He was out of work then (of course) and we were really broke. A week before Christmas, his first workmen’s comp check came through so Santa was able to visit our house. He left lots of stuff for you and we got some great photos. Yes, Babe was way too young to appreciate Christmas that year, but she made up for it with gusto in subsequent years. Your “first” Christmas was celebrated several times…with Gmom & Gpop Szewczak, then Gmom & GPop Obst and, of course, with us, but there weren’t too many presents. That was the year we returned from Florida, broke but glad to be back home. It was also your first airplane ride at the age of 6 months!!

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