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Gene Weaver – One Of The World’s Greatest Jump Pilots

Here’s what’s on my mind.  My good friend Cliff Weaver’s father passed away over the weekend.  I made thousands of jumps out of Gene’s Cessna 180 and his Twin Bonanza over the years.  At the end of a day of jumping when the beer light was on he’d wait til we got good and loaded… then he’d say ‘Bill!  Mikey!  You guys want to make a sunrise load in the morning??’  ‘Hell Yes!’ we’d always say.  Then he’d make us pay him up front in case we didn’t show after being out at the bar all night.

We always showed.  Most of the time with only a few hours sleep… sometimes we’d show up straight from the bar. LOL.  I always brought him a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with the cream on the side… just like Gene liked it.

Damn that morning air at 10,000 feet was cold! :)

Blue Skies Gene!  I’ll miss you and look forward to meeting you again!

Gene Flying His TwinBo – N454SB

Us after making a formation load out of two Cessnas.  Gene is on the left with the hat.  Recognize that young guy kneeling in the front row on the right? :)


  1. lisa says:

    damn your just too cool! what a life you have had! such great freinds and family

  2. Diana Bolen says:

    this is nice, sounds like you’ve had a full life of excitement with all your buddies.
    i would never jump out of a plane

  3. cheryl says:

    Bill I never knew that you did all these things!Keep enjoying life to the fullest as you look like you have this far.

  4. kevin says:

    love it!

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