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Dad Update – From Mom – 20090323

Good news Today

We saw Bill’s doctor today and he said that the CT scan shows that the smaller of Bill’s tumors has reduced at least 50% since the CT scan done in Oct. 08 which first showed the metastasis. The larger lesion seems to have decreased somewhat in volume but very slight.

This is great news, not only because of the decrease in size and no new growth, but the fact that the lesions most likely grew in the time between the CT scan done in Oct and when the chemo was finally initiated in January. This makes me think that if we had had a CT scan done just prior to starting the chemo, we would have seen an even more remarkable reduction in size.

Soooo, the chemo seems to be working at the present time, so he will be continuing his treatments. The MRI that was done on his lumber spine showed no effects of the cancer but there is considerable degenerative disc disease and several bulging discs, so this is probably what has been causing the pain in his back.

It is nice to finally get some good news. Bill will continue his weekly chemo program in 3 weeks on and one week off cycles for the next three months and then will get another CT scan.

I won’t be updating this page until we get the results of the next CT scan in June, unless there is another change before that time. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.



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