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Update On Dad – From Mom – 20090220

We’re Hanging in There

Bill’s hanging in there. He just finished his second cycle of chemotherapy but has had a couple of bad weeks with a lot of back pain. He’s going to have an MRI done of his spine on Monday to see if there is a problem there. If they find something the doctor said they can probably zap it with radiation and should be able to aleviate the pain.

Once he finishes his third cycle of chemo, they’ll do another CT scan to see if the treatment is working or not. That will be at the end of March.

Every once in a while he’ll feel pretty good and I can get him out to the store or for a ride; other than that, he just basically sleeps, reads and naps.

Hope everyone is doing well and making it through the rough northern winter this year. Spring is in the air down here; weather is getting nicer and that makes things much better. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.


Bill & Betty - First Christmas - 1958

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