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Weekend Plans and Future Dreams

Yay! It’s Friday! Ivan & I are headed to the lake for the weekend without Lara or his dogs… just a guys weekend. We are going to finish the walkway/stairs down to where the boat dock walkway starts. Here is a link to pictures of the process so far.


We have one more long set of stairs to build. I’m looking forward to getting down there and working. Here is a picture of Ivan’s house. I helped him with a lot of this over the last few years. I’m going to build this same house on my property on the top of the hill overlooking the lake. I’m not sure how we’ll build the big deck on the back yet… but we’ll figure it out. This is a view from the front. I will probably use a brown brick though and a darker shingle.

Here is a view from the lakeside. You can see that the level under the deck (the front door is on the second (deck) level) is another whole part of the house. It’s a complete living quarters with bath, bedroom and kitchen. I won’t have that. First off, my basement will be ony 7-8 feet in height, not 12 or so like Ivans. Second, I will save money by just leaving it unfinished. I’ll probably still put sliding glass doors in though and plumb it for a bathroom so I can finish it one day if I want to.

Look at this picture:

This is the side view of Ivan’s house. Up at the top of the hill of my lot, where my house will go, it isn’t as steep as this. My slope up there will be about where the yellow line is. I won’t be digging out this side of the property as it isn’t wide enough to put a wide driveway and garage. So the bedroom windows will not be there. There may be something up higher but we’ll see.

Here is the view of the lake from the second floor balcony inside Ivan’s house. This picture shows that thie deck wan’t built yet, but the tounge and groove cedar ceiling is installed.

I’m going to make some minor changes to the design on mine. For instance, the main bathroom on the main floor will not have a tub. It will be rearranged so that I can put my washer and dryer in there rather than in the basement. I also intend on not having a tub in the master bathroom. Rather there will be a HUGE walk in steam room shower. The upstairs bathroom will have a tub if anyone finds the need to soak in it. I intend to soak in my hot tub which I plan to put out back.

Another change will be ‘widening’ the balcony. In this picture you can see how wide it is now.

I intend on making it as wide as where the last step comes to the top… leaving no ‘landing’ sticking out. On the right (the wall) I want to make it all book shelves… wall to wall and ceiling to floor. This will almost be like a reading area. Also the roof will extend out another couple feet in front and the porch made a couple feet deeper.

I’ll post some more pictures later but this is just the jist of it. I hope to start this project later this year or early next year.


  1. janice says:

    The pictures are beautiful! Don’t forget the radiant floor heating .. will come in handy. lol

    I hope you guys didn’t work too hard putting in the steps down to the lake.

    God bless!

  2. Bill says:

    We always work hard. :)

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