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Dad Status – April 17, 2008

I called the house yesterday and my dad answered the phone.  He sounded great.  He told me mom was at the pharmacy picking up a perscription.  They had been up in Tampa for a couple days for tests, to see the oncologist and the surgeon.

Everyone told him it looked great and that he was doing well.  They told him that sometimes the antibiotics they give affect your taste buds, but that the taste of food should be coming back soon.

The oncologist said that he doesn’t need to get radiation or chemotherapy.  I think he said that the type of cancer he has doesn’t respond well to radiation and that it is very rare and there is not a documented path of drugs to use for chemo.

They’re going to have him come up for scans every three months and just keep an eye on the area where the cancer was and see how it is doing.

I’m headed to Tampa tonight after work.  After driving the 1.5 hours to their house from Tampa it will be pretty late by the time I get there.  But I will stay Saturday and Sunday and come home on a 6:22AM flight Monday morning.  Because of the time difference I’ll get back here by 7:30…. EARLY for work (since I work right here near the airport).

 Looking forward to seeing them.  Since I got my new ipod touch, I’m going to take my old ipod video down so he can use it.  It has all 500 of my CDs on it… so he should never ever run out of music to listen to… lol.

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