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Dad Update (From Mom) – 05 April, 2008

I am posting this on April 8, 2008.  The Memphis Tigers lost to Kansas last night in the NCAA Championship which was a bummer.  When you’re up by 9 points with 2.5minutes to go you’re supposed to win.  Oh well.

Dad went home yesterday.  I  spoke to him when they were about an hour from home in the car… but not since.  He sounded really good.  I’m sure whatever the problem was it got taken care of… hopefully he’ll continue to eat and be fine.  I think they go back up for a checkup with the surgeon in a week or two and they meet the oncologist.  Hopefully the future regarding cancer works out.  Here is a message mom posted on the hospital blog on April 5:

April 05, 2008 at 01:45 PM EDT

Saturday, 4/5/08…..Moffitt Cancer Institute

We BOTH slept much better last night!! Yippee!!!!

Woke up at 5:00 am when the nurse came in to do something or the other and realized we had slept through because NO ONE came into our room last night. Usually, someone is in there every hour or two doing SOMETHING!! Felt GREAT!!!

You wouldn’t believe the bed that I am sleeping in. It looks like a small, low cabinet. You open the doors and pull out a NARROW (a little less wide than ME) cot with a THIN mattress. It was hard getting used to, but seems okay now. Actually, we are so grateful just to be able to have me sleep in the hospital; the cost of a motel room for all this time would have been tremendous.

Bill’s CT scan showed a BIG reduction in size of the abscess since he was admitted and it has reduced some more since the scan done earlier this week. He is down to just tube feedings at night (usually only takes about 6 hours or so) an antibiotics and antacid medication. They’re planning on switching his meds to pills instead of the intravenous. This means he’ll be able to walk around without the IV pole MOST of the time!! He walks more often that way, since it was so cumbersome just getting READY to walk before!!

Bill started on a regular diet yesterday and is eating pretty well. He has a good selection of food at each meal and I would say that he is eating about 1/3 to 1/2 of it at each meal. He’s also been taking a small snack in between. This is MUCH better than he had been doing when he was home for those two days.

All in all, Bill is doing, looking and feeling well…..we’re hoping he is released early this coming week. We both are much more comfortable about him returning home this time, since he is so much better and eating so well.

Bill’s brother, Bube, visited yesterday. Bill was soooo glad to see him (as was I); we haven’t seen him & Mary since before Christmas, when I began caring for Babe. They had a very nice visit.

His sister, Jane and her son, Andy, will be visiting tomorrow. They came down for Fred’s memorial service and are taking the time to come down to visit before returning home. It’s been a couple of years since Bill has seen his sister and it’s been at least SIX years since we’ve seen Andy. Young Bill did make it to the memorial service but probably won’t be able to get down to Tampa tomorrow; I’m sure he’ll be down soon though.

Thank you all for your wonderful, uplifting messages. You can’t know how much this has meant to both of us. You are great friends and supporters!!

Love, Betty

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