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Dad Update (From Mom) – 28 March, 2008

Hi folks: Sorry for the long gap between updates. I had written an update about Bill’s discharge last Tuesday but apparently I didn’t post it properly, because it didn’t show up.

Anyway, we got home late Tuesday and the Home Care nurses came to check him out; they taught me how to administer his tube feedings and meds and how to change his dressing. He had a good day on Wednesday until about mid-afternoon: he was up and around, eating some and feeling pretty good. But then he developed a slight fever which steadily increased and felt generally bad; he just about stopped regular eating and was drinking very little too. I called Moffitt yesterday evening and they wanted him to come up there so they could check him out, so we made the two hour trip in 1.5 hours and arrived there around 9:30 pm.

This hospital is fantastic. The doctor had left word that we were coming in; when we arrived, they told us that he was to be admitted and tests run. The total admitting process took about 2 minutes and we were sent up to his old floor and into a new room, where a bed had already been set up for me. The nurses immediately took over, taking blood work, took an EKG and sent him down for chest and abdomen x-rays.

The on-call doctor came in and told us some of the possibilities and said that he was putting him on antibiotics by intravenous overnight and he would have a CT scan in the morning. By this morning, his fever was down to 99 f (it had been 101.9 last night) and his white blood count was improving. Not too long after the CT scan, his surgeon came up and told us that his stomach was distended so they had to reinsert the naso tube to drain off the bile. The CT scan showed a small abscess had developed, so after the stomach is emptied, he’ll be going down to the radiologist to have the abscess drained. They’ll be keeping him for a few days, on antibiotics, to be sure that the situation has been taken care of.

We both feel good that we took him back to Moffitt and were very pleased with how fast and efficiently they took care of him. Bill is already feeling better (except that this time, he had a hard time when they put the tube back down his nose….there was a LOT of bile down there).

Hopefully things will go well now and we’ll soon be home again. During the two days we were home, I did get a LOT accomplished so things should go much better when we return.

Bill’s brother, Fred, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, had emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction yesterday. I haven’t heard yet how he made out, and it may be a while before I do. In the meantime, I would appreciate you all keeping him in your prayers!!


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