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Fun At The Lake

My buddy Mater posted some pics of him and his kids having fun at the lake. I liked them.
They’re great kids… and he’s a great dad.

Maters Little Man Jumping The Cliff!

Maters Little Man Jumping The Cliff!

Climbin' Back Up!

Woo-Hoo! A LONG way Down!


Jumpin' Off Cliffs Is Fun!

There Goes The Little Guy Again!

Dad & Son Enjoying The Rain At The Lake

Daddy & His Little Girl

A little Lower Jump For The Younger Kids

Hold Your Nose!

Bathing Beauties!

My friend Lori's little girl at the lake...

The Kids Love It!

Lori Doing A Little Wakeboarding

Another Cliff To Jump... But How To Get Up There?

Waterfall Cliff

The Kids Swimming Near The Waterfall

We Found A Way Up!


A Couple Houses I Can't Afford. :(

It's Not Really A Lakehouse If You Don't Have Your Own Helicopter I Guess.

That's An Awful Long Walk Down To The Boat!

Some Deer Showed Up In The Back Yard

Beautiful Lot For Sale For Only $185k

Doin' A Little Wake Boardin'

How About A Little Wake SURFIN'?

Surf's Up!

Relaxin' On The Lake!

Hi Girls!

Of Course Every Lakehouse Needs A Pool Right?

End Of A Day

I Sure Do Enjoy A Relaxin' Boat Ride. :)

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