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Patrick Swazye and stuff…

I read last night that actor Patrick Swayze has cancer of the pancreas and was given 5 WEEKS to live!

Of course his spokesman says he was diagnosed in January and now it’s March… that he is undergoing treatment and still working on his projects.

I did some checking and realized that pancreatic cancer is basically a death sentence.  Most people don’t live long at all and it is very painful.

I really started getting depressed.  Then I talked to my mom this morning.  I realize now I need to clear something up about my dad.

My mom told me this morning that the tumor is not on the pancreas but on the “Ampulla of Vater” which is an organ that is right near the pancreas – and shares the same blood supply.  So he doesn’t have pancreatic cancer (actually we don’t know if he has cancer at ALL at this point) – that we know of – and that the doctor wasn’t concerned so much about the cancer (if its there) but of whether he can survive the surgery.

So we’ll see.  This is getting more and more complicated and scary.  So I  need to fix some other places where I was discussing this.

 By The Way I found a couple other pictures last night I thought I’d share:

This is a really crappy picture (the photo was damaged not the scanner) of me and my dad in Daytona during “Bike Week” in 1978.

 Also, here is a photo of my dad rough-housing with my sister Babe & I on the sofa in our old house in Clayton NJ.  I am guessing this picture was taken around 1967 or 1968.

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