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Beep! (TRL Style)

Ok, so at lunch my boss and I head to Panera for something to eat.

After we eat we hop in his Hyundai and head back to the office.


Very faint… just loud enough to annoy you. What the hell is that? I dunno.

Mike starts to wonder if his wife has something in the car tracking him. LOL. Wonder what HE’S been up to? :)

Its very annoying. Every 30 seconds. About 10 minutes later he says its driving him crazy so I tell him to pull into a side street and we’ll find it.

I start searching my side. He searches his. Beep! I’m convinced it is a battery going dead on something. Maybe one of his kids toys. Maybe on a tracking device (LOL). It sounds like its coming from the dash. I’m looking. I tell him to shut the car off and see if it continues. He does. It does. :(

I look under the seat. Beep! Nothing. I walk near the front of the car outside the windshield. He tells me he doesn’t hear it but I do. Nope, its louder INSIDE the car. I pop the hood. I can still hear it but faint. I move to his side and tell him I hear it over there too so maybe the sound is bouncing around in there. Finally we give up and get in the car. He’s almost ready to stop at a garage on the way back to see if they can figure it out.

It sounds loudest on top of the dash on the passenger side… like where the airbag is.

We get back in and drive back to work. I swear it may be in the door. We pull in and he’s ready to tear the car apart. I tell him to park where there is an empty spot next to us so I can open the door. I get on my knees and have my ear next to the door. Nope, doesn’t sound louder there.

Wait! There is a remote control to open the gate on his driveway. I bet the battery is going dead. I hold it to my ear. Beep! Not louder.

This goes on and on for thirty minutes. Its hot. I’m sweaty.

I finally take the remote and walk away from the car with it.


I look at him and ask if he heard the beep in the car. Nope. Not since you walked off.

It IS this remote! I pull the battery. Beep! I tell him there’s probably a capacitor in it so it’ll take awhile for the juice to run out.

We go back inside work laughing. I try to get him to put it in the directors office somewhere to drive her crazy. I head back to my desk. Beep!

I reach in my pocket…

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