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October, 2010:

Phillies Baseball – kid style

I was reading an article on ESPN this afternoon and it was so true.

Back when *I* was growing up – with the exception of a few years, playoff baseball was for all the other teams.  We had a group of years that we won the division but got swept away in the playoffs the first round… The Big Red Machine. Tommy Lasorda’s Dodgers.

In 1980 it was like magic.

The first World Championship in the 126 year history of the franchise… but it wasn’t like we had good years building up to it… it just ‘happened’. 

A few years later it was gone.  Like dust in the wind.

It all showed up again in 1993 with the scruffy group of John Kruk, Lenny Dykstra, Curt Schilling, Darren Daulton and Mitch Williams but it was soon gone as fast as a Mitch Williams fastball.

Its just amazing though. Just when you think you’ll never see a championship team again in the city… It’s back.  And it’s BEEN back. And it looks like it’s going to continue to stay.

A kid. A kid who was the bat boy back in that magic 1980 season… is now the General Manager for the Phillies and it just seems like everything he touchs turns to gold. He knows just how to run a baseball team. A hometown kid that captured the hearts of the tens of hundreds of thousands of Phillies fans in a city that just never seemed to be able to get a break.

And they just seem to get better and better.  The fans come out in huge numbers… EVERY game is a sellout. They come out. Not just in Philly but in cities all around the league.  Some away games almost seem to be home games.  They players know it too.

To the kids who love their Phillies now… they’ve ALWAYS been good. ALWAYS been a great team. They have no memory of any of the 10,000 losses – the most by any professional sports team in history… Good for them. :)

I have to just imagine… that being a kid now and watching ‘your team’ do so well… must be an awful lot of fun. GO PHILLIES! :)