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September, 2010:



That’s the name of this .99 app I found on the appstore for my iphone.

Remember those old photo machines at the beach that you got in and it took four quick black and white pics and spit it out on the outside of the machine?

This is WAY more than .99 worth of fun. 😀

How Cool Is This??? :)

Fun At The Lake

My buddy Mater posted some pics of him and his kids having fun at the lake. I liked them.
They’re great kids… and he’s a great dad.

Maters Little Man Jumping The Cliff!

Maters Little Man Jumping The Cliff!

Climbin' Back Up!

Woo-Hoo! A LONG way Down!


Jumpin' Off Cliffs Is Fun!

There Goes The Little Guy Again!

Dad & Son Enjoying The Rain At The Lake

Daddy & His Little Girl

A little Lower Jump For The Younger Kids

Hold Your Nose!

Bathing Beauties!

My friend Lori's little girl at the lake...

The Kids Love It!

Lori Doing A Little Wakeboarding

Another Cliff To Jump... But How To Get Up There?

Waterfall Cliff

The Kids Swimming Near The Waterfall

We Found A Way Up!


A Couple Houses I Can't Afford. :(

It's Not Really A Lakehouse If You Don't Have Your Own Helicopter I Guess.

That's An Awful Long Walk Down To The Boat!

Some Deer Showed Up In The Back Yard

Beautiful Lot For Sale For Only $185k

Doin' A Little Wake Boardin'

How About A Little Wake SURFIN'?

Surf's Up!

Relaxin' On The Lake!

Hi Girls!

Of Course Every Lakehouse Needs A Pool Right?

End Of A Day

I Sure Do Enjoy A Relaxin' Boat Ride. :)