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November, 2009:

My First Christmas – 1960

Well, no… not really.  I was born at the end of June in 1959 so my REAL First Christmas was in 1959.  But geeze I was only six months old.  I doubt I had much fun.  Christmas 1960 – on the other hand – apparently rocked!

 Check out this awesome rocking chair I got.  And what about those stylin’ PJs?

 Uh.. mom?  No socks?  I’m sure we had moved from Miami Beach back to Philly by now.  In fact I know we had.  Babe was born in November 1960 so she’s around here somewhere… only a month old.  Boy I bet she doesn’t know WHAT is going on.

I was probably sick as a dog the week after this picture was taken. LOL.

On the other hand check me out with this new Jack-In-The-Box.

Growing up, everytime I saw this picture it I thought my mom’s finger was inside a hole in the side of the Jack-In-The-Box.  Funny how you think stupid stuff like that.

Oh well.

Merry “First” Christmas Billy!

Happy 49th Birthday Babe!

Today is Babe’s 49th Birthday.

I meant to go get a balloon and launch it at lunch time but I just sorta forgot and it really isn’t that big of a deal.

The bigger deal is that I remembered my sisters birthday.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Babe & her Daddy at her daughters graduation from University Of Chicago about five years ago.