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January, 2009:

Quarters of the 50 United States

When I got married in 2000 the woman I married had two children from a previous marriage.  Jacob was 8 when we got married and Faith was 11.  The new 50 State commemorative quarters had started the year before so there were like 5 out from 1999 and 2 from 2000.  My mom and dad came up for the wedding and while they were there I guess they picked up a cardboard thingie that stands up and holds the quarters.  There were five spots on each line and each line was a year – 1999 through 2008… 10 lines… 10 years.

The kids took the 5 quarters I had from 1999 and the 2 from 2000 and put them in their places and admired it.  They put the card on the window sill in our kitchen.  We looked at the card with all the empty spaces still in it.  I pointed to the bottom row… “By the time we get down here Faith, you’ll be in your second year of COLLEGE”.

Her eyes got big and bright.  You could tell she thought “man, we’ll be collecting quarters for 10 years… COLLEGE.  2008 might as well have been a million years away.  :)

Over the years, everytime I got a ‘new’ quarter I’d bring it home, give it to the kids and they’d plug it into it’s spot on the card.

They’ve been gone now for coming up on three years this April.  Neither of them have spoken to me since the day they walked out the door.  They only live a few miles away. :(

I’ve kept that card.  I’ve moved twice since I sold the home we lived in and the kids grew up in.  I kept putting in the quarters.  The other day I got a Hawaii quarter out of a vending machine at work.  Number 50.

I took it home and pushed it into the last remaining empty spot.

Jacob is now almost 18.  Faith is 20.

She’s a sophmore at University of Tennessee – Knoxville.

I sure do miss them. :(