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December, 2008:

Ed Gress – 1965?

When I was a little kid my parents used to belong to a bowling team. The team was actually sponsored by a young carpenter who bowled and had his own business. He was on the team and eventually was introduced to my mom’s sister and became my uncle. That’s another story though.

Anyway they bowled on Wednesday nights. I guess I was maybe 7 and my sister 6. We would just run around the bowling alley during league night and find things to do. One of my favorites was taking a coat hanger off the coat rack and straightening it out. Then I’d lie on my belly and swipe it under each of the four or five vending machines and scoop out any coins that had been dropped by bowlers. I was pretty creative when I was 6.

The man who owned the bowling alley was named Ed Gress. I have no idea how I remember this from forty-three years ago. I’m sure he’s passed away long ago. The bowling alley has been closed for 20 years.

Mr. Gress was a nice man who had a GIANT (or so it seemed to a six year old) can in his office that was filled with chocolate. I don’t mean pieces of chocolate either… but it was like someone poured liquid chocolate into a big can and it hardened.

He would take a knife or some sort of sharp object (it could have been his finger nail clippers for all I knew) and dig into the chocolate in the can and chip out a couple of hunks and give them to my sister and I. Yum.

I have no idea why I still remember this. It just popped into my head when Jason (@TRL) said something about having a lot of “bulk” chocolate at home.

 I guess when you’re a kid and nice people do nice things for you, you remember them sometimes. Thanks Mr. Gress.

I just felt like typing it out. Hope reading this random thought of mine didn’t bore anyone.

For Your Entertainment – Another Online Date III

This date happened about three or four months ago.  I had been emailing and talking to this woman for a week or two.  I suggested we get together one night for something to eat and drink.  She really wanted to go to a Mexican place and said she really liked “On The Border”.  I’d never been there so I looked it up and made arrangements to meet her there after work.

I show up and she’s in there already.  Points for her! I get so many that show up thirty minutes late that I don’t even bother staying anymore if they’re over 15 minutes and haven’t called me.

First thing I notice is that she’s wearing one of those Blue Tooth thingies on her left ear. Hmm. We sit down and the server brings a huge basket of chips and some REALLY good salsa. We talk and eat chips and salsa. I order a beer but she just wants sweet tea. After 15 minutes of chatting she has yet to remove her jacket or the blue tooth thingie. It keeps blinking a blue light at me.  BLINK. BLINK. BLINK.

She keeps raving about how much she likes these chips at this place. I see that. We’re on our third basket.

Finally we order. She orders a salad of some sort with a bunch of grilled beef and chicken on it. It looks really good. I ordered fahitas (sp?). She nibbles at her salad and we talk. Well SHE talks. I learned all about her back and neck surgery and how much her feet hurt. That went on for an hour. I now know more about her neck surgery than anyone I’d bet. BLINK. BLINK. BLINK.

She has eaten about four bites of her salad. She mentions how she’s not really hungry and that she’ll just take this home and have it for lunch tomorrow. The server boxes it up. We talk about her blind dog at home. It’s getting late and she’s worried about her. I’m not sure why.  The dog is blind.  I guess it has a hard time after the sun goes down.  It IS getting late. BLINK. BLINK. BLINK.

We finally decide to leave. It was a pretty inexpensive date for buying someone dinner AND lunch.

She said something about maybe getting together again sometime.


At least I didn’t have to help her on with her jacket.