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March 23rd, 2008:

Dad Easter Update

Just got back from Tampa. Couldn’t type much on that ipod and I didn’t feel like tracking down a PC. Dad is doing a lot better. He finally started eating solid food Saturday and it is making him feel a lot better. They feed him nutritional crap through a feeding tube during the night though so when he woke up today and they brought his breakfast he wasn’t hungry.. lol.

I haven’t heard from my mom on how he did with lunch and dinner, but the docs said today that they plan to send him home tomorrow with a visiting nurse twice a day… my mom of course is an expert at taking care of sick people.

Here is a picture of the HUGE incision they made to get in there if anyone is interested in looking. I found it quite impressive and interesting which is why I posted it.

I made it a link so if you don’t want to see where someone cut someone else wide open with a scapel to do some plumbing, don’t clicky on it. :)

I counted 44 staples on the original pic. This one part of the incision is cut off because I edited out the feeding tube which looks pretty gross. 😀

Dad’s Incision