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January, 2008:

Happy New Year?

Well… time to update.  I did what seemed like a million hours over New Years Eve and the days following. 

I flew down to Tampa to visit my sister who is very ill.  I did that on December 30.  We didn’t think she’d live through the day.  She did ok though and is hanging in there… but that is another story that I’m not sure I’m going to share just yet.

I got up at 4AM (3AM CST where I live in Memphis) and caught a 6:30 flight back to Memphis.  I got in around 7:30 and went straight to work.  Around 4PM we shut down the old system and began our conversion.  Later… much later… that evening my boss came in and told me that we’d done quite a bit for the first phase and that we should go home and get some sleep.  I figured I’d go home and watch the ball drop on TV and go to bed.  Little did I know that when I got into my Jeep to head home that it was 1:20 in the morning!  I’d missed New Years coming in… just buried in my work.  I also knew why I was so tired.  I’d been up for 22.5 straight hours.  I went home and went to sleep and set my alarm for 6AM.  I got up at 6 on New Years Day and was back to work by 7:30… and worked straight through to 11:30PM!  THEN I had not quite finished what needed to be done by the next day… but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  So I went to bed at midnight and set the alarm for 4AM.  I got up and was back in again by 5:30 and finished what I needed to do by noon.  I was exhausted… which eventually led me to getting sick – which I never do.

After ALL of that, on Friday my manager comes into my office and sits down and smiles and asks me “So… how did you like that trial run?”

 I couldn’t believe it!  It seems that 18 of our aircraft (almost 15% of the fleet) were down for maintenance issues.  It was decided by the upper management that we needed to get our aircraft flying ASAP.  The problem was that making dual entries into parallel systems was going to be too time consuming.  So they nixed the new system implementation until February 1st!  Now in another week and a half I’m going to go through all of this AGAIN!

I am  reviewing my procedures though to streamline the process more so that (hopefully) it will go much faster then.  Grrrr.