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Ooops. LATE: Happy Birthday Babe! My sisters 48th birthday. November 13, 2008

I’ve had these pictures in my camera since last November. Mom had asked everyone to think of Babe on her birthday and at noon – where you happened to be – if you could, release a red baloon and say a prayer for her.

I forgot all about it. My buddy Addis in Philadelphia emailed me the morning of November 13 to remind me to release my baloon. 

Oh No. I felt SO bad. I’d forgotten the whole thing. :( I went back to work and after a few minutes I thought “Hey, its only 11:10. I can still do this.”  I got on the phone and found a florist a few miles from here. “Do you have red helium balloons?” Of course they did. “I need five. I’ll be right over.”  I left work without even telling anyone and drove to the florist. The wonderful woman was there with five red balloons already filled.

I got them and was watching the clock. I was afraid I was going to have to pull over on I-240 exactly at noon and release them. I pulled into work again at 11:58. Got out of the car, said something to my sister and let ’em fly.

Oh. I wasn’t sure if maybe my mom and dad may have forgotten too and my niece and nephew. Thats why I got five. One for each of us. When they went up one stayed alone (me), two stayed together (mom & dad) and the other two stayed together (DJ & Reanna). Pretty cool.

Later I found out my mom had bought five balloons too for the same reason. LOL. I don’t know if my niece & nephew even thought of it or not.

My dad had my mom get him a blue balloon because he wanted my sister to know which one was from him. :)

Happy Birthday Babe!

Mom… What’s up with the suits?

My mom had this thing about dressing me up in a suit and tie.  Musta been like every holiday or family function.

I’m not sure if she tied these neckties on me or if I was just a natural tie tie-er.

I went to Catholic school from the 2nd grade til 7th grade and we had to wear a maroon necktie everyday.  Clipons. :)

I bet I have a lot more photos than this with me wearing a suit but I only have a few right now.  I’ll find some more for “What’s Up With The Suits 2″.

Happy Easter everybody.

Me & Babe – Easter 1962

This is labeled Me & Babe – Easter 1962 too… but since we’re wearing different clothes (suit) I guess it was probably 1961 or something.

This says I was 4.  I doubt it.  This looks like a school picture. I was probably 6.

Me & Babe again under the apple tree.

I guess she could only find a bowtie this year. :)

I sure looked sharp though didn’t I? :)

Wow… It’s February Already!

Well I guess it’s time to write something here again.  In my last post you’ll recall that after doing all of the work to implement our new aircraft maintenance system a decision was made by the powers that be to postpone for a month. 

Well, the month is now over.  It’s in as far as I know.  They’re supposed to flip the switch at 8AM tomorrow.  All I know is that my part is done.  This is really just the first part.  It is putting all of the inventory and part of the financing (another system) up.  The actual aircraft themselves (we have 138 50 seat CRJ200’s we fly for NorthWest Airlink and 5 – soon to be 16 – 84 seat CRJ900’s we fly for Delta Connection) still have yet to be put into the system.

I came in at 8:30 Thursday and went home at 2AM Friday morning; came back in at 8:30 Friday morning and went home at 1:30AM Saturday morning; came back in at 9 on Sunday morning and left at 5PM to go to BW-3 to watch the Superbowl.  Woo Hoo! 

Since Thursday I think I’ve worked over 40 EXTRA hours.  I’ll be sure to try and snag a comp day or two when I go to the lake.

This weekend or next I need to get down to see my sister.  She’s VERY ill.  We found out she had lung cancer in August of 2006.  They did some really agressive chemo and radiation.  It took its toll on her.  2007 was a good year for her though.  She came through the illness pretty good.  Unfortunately she took a bad turn around Christmas of 2007 when we found out that the cancer is now in her brain and in her hip. :(

I have be flying back and forth to Florida to spend as much time with my sister as I can.  I don’t know how much longer she’ll be here for me to do that so I am trying to do it as much as possible.  Even though the airline doesn’t pay me as much as I would make working somewhere else, it is really a blessing that I can literally just hop in the car and drive to the airport and jump on a plane to Tampa anytime I want to.  For an unbelieveable price.  As long as there is an empty seat of course.

Thank God my sister is down in Florida and not in Utah or California where she used to live.  That would really suck.  Especially for my parents.

I don’t know how my mom does it.  She’s like a rock.  She’s always been there for us.  When I was 19 I was in the hospital with a brain tumor.  She was right there for me.  It was a long, hard 9 months in that hospital with many illnesses.  Many times they thought I’d die while in there.  But she was always there for me.  Now… years and years later… we’re all grown up… and it’s my sister.  Unfortunately her prognosis is nowhere near as positive as mine was.  My mom is still right there.  She will be til the end.  Just like a rock.  She’s an amazing woman.

I find it weird when I think about… what are the chances that you marry and have two children… and that BOTH of them end up with brain tumors?  Archie Manning ended up with two kids who each won the Superbowl as the quarterback of their respective NFL teams.  My mom and dad end up with two kids with brain tumors.  Life is funny sometimes :( 

Say a prayer for my sister please.  Say one for my mom & dad while you’re at it too. :)

Happy New Year?

Well… time to update.  I did what seemed like a million hours over New Years Eve and the days following. 

I flew down to Tampa to visit my sister who is very ill.  I did that on December 30.  We didn’t think she’d live through the day.  She did ok though and is hanging in there… but that is another story that I’m not sure I’m going to share just yet.

I got up at 4AM (3AM CST where I live in Memphis) and caught a 6:30 flight back to Memphis.  I got in around 7:30 and went straight to work.  Around 4PM we shut down the old system and began our conversion.  Later… much later… that evening my boss came in and told me that we’d done quite a bit for the first phase and that we should go home and get some sleep.  I figured I’d go home and watch the ball drop on TV and go to bed.  Little did I know that when I got into my Jeep to head home that it was 1:20 in the morning!  I’d missed New Years coming in… just buried in my work.  I also knew why I was so tired.  I’d been up for 22.5 straight hours.  I went home and went to sleep and set my alarm for 6AM.  I got up at 6 on New Years Day and was back to work by 7:30… and worked straight through to 11:30PM!  THEN I had not quite finished what needed to be done by the next day… but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  So I went to bed at midnight and set the alarm for 4AM.  I got up and was back in again by 5:30 and finished what I needed to do by noon.  I was exhausted… which eventually led me to getting sick – which I never do.

After ALL of that, on Friday my manager comes into my office and sits down and smiles and asks me “So… how did you like that trial run?”

 I couldn’t believe it!  It seems that 18 of our aircraft (almost 15% of the fleet) were down for maintenance issues.  It was decided by the upper management that we needed to get our aircraft flying ASAP.  The problem was that making dual entries into parallel systems was going to be too time consuming.  So they nixed the new system implementation until February 1st!  Now in another week and a half I’m going to go through all of this AGAIN!

I am  reviewing my procedures though to streamline the process more so that (hopefully) it will go much faster then.  Grrrr.

Bill is here

Not Sure If I like this or not. :(

I miss my family.  More than you can possibly imagine.  They’ve been gone over a year and a half now.

They were my whole life.  Now they don’t even speak to me anymore.  It makes me very sad. :(

EDIT – June 2008:

BUT… You know what?  It’s been what?  Almost two years now.  It’s time to move on.  I’m tired of being alone.  It’s time to find someone new to hang out with. :)